List of all PHP enabled and compiled features

To find out if your server has a feature or setting enabled for PHP, you can list all the details quite easily. Using the PHPinfo function, we can accomplish this. For more info on PHPinfo, please see:

Follow these steps:
1) Create and edit a file on your website giving it the name: "info.php" (name is not relative can be anything)

2) Paste the contents below into this file and save it:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

3) Once you have done this, point your browser to the location where you saved this file: For example:

This will display all the information you may be looking for. It includes PHP server variables, all the options in which PHP was compiled, various software (ie, mysql) that was compiled into PHP and many other options. This is especially useful for locating the required software that an application you are going to use needs.

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